Free your employees
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Free your employees

Free your employees

We need to give office workers the technology they need to do their job effectively, writes Adam Reynolds, CEO of cloud-based expense management provider, webexpenses.

You wouldn’t take a horse and cart to work, or spend time boiling water on a stove to produce your morning caffeine hit would you? With that in mind, why do many organisations across the UK still expect their employees to use the technology of yesteryear to perform those essential office admin tasks and processes?

In a survey published today by webexpenses, we’ve actually seen 85% of the UK’s office workers tell us that they would be able to perform their duties more efficiently if their workplace was equipped with better technology. What’s more, we also found that over a quarter of those we surveyed wished that their organisation had better IT systems in place, with a further 16% admitting that the tech they use at home far outstrips what they’re accustomed to at work.

Some finance leaders reading this may consign the upgrading of technology in their workplace to the ‘do tomorrow’ section of their to do list – however, given the webexpenses research, surely it’s a no-brainer for organisations to make this a top priority particularly given the impact outdated technology could potentially be having on staff productivity and the bottom line.

Some of the specific areas outlined by our research concern a variety of processes and company systems that could be greatly improved with better technology. For instance, 41% said that the management of teams and internal communications could be greatly enhanced with better technology in place. What’s more, over a quarter (28%) said that client relationships and sales could also benefit.

The management of financial tasks was also another area which came up for investigation in our report, with nearly a third (31%) of respondents saying that financial processes like submitting work related expenses could be greatly improved by better technology.

When it comes to specific challenges around financial processes, 53% of our respondents told us that they currently find claiming expenses back from their company an arduous process. Other expense-related frustrations highlighted were people being hassled by carrying paper receipts around with them (33%), losing paper receipts (29%) and the time it takes to fill out an expense claim form (26%) and be reimbursed (25%).

I actually believe that it’s these types of employee frustrations that can indicate deeper-rooted issues – potentially holding back many UK businesses. What’s more when it comes to remedying them, up-to-date technology certainly has a big part to play. In fact, if our research is anything to go by, UK businesses could be running below their true potential – particularly when it comes to productivity.

With this in mind, business leaders need to make it their job to listen to the concerns of their employees and think about how improvements can be made in the working environment and to the processes that make every organisation tick.

You must provide employees with a working environment that is comfortable and, most importantly, provide the technology they need to do their job effectively. It’s by seeking to address the frustrations caused by company processes like claiming expenses, that businesses can not only create a happier workforce, but also boost productivity and the bottom line.


Credit to GuestBlog via accountingWEB

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